John Guppy

Some Marketing Thoughts on the New US Soccer Crest

The big news in the world of soccer this week was that U.S. Soccer finally unveiled their new crest. After having a leak of the crest out in the public since August of 2015, it was a long-time coming for the reveal.

The new crest is distinctly minimalistic and modern, ditching a pair of trademarks of the old crest: the clip-art soccer ball and the three stars that had no significance. I was recently interviewed for my thoughts on the new crest for the folks at Four Four Two – which just launched their US edition.

My three main takeaways on the new crest are:

  • The old logo was “tired” and was in need of updating, especially to connect to younger audiences.
  • It’s clean and crisp, but it’s not uniquely ownable to U.S. Soccer.
  • A soccer crest doesn’t need a soccer ball in order to define it, but the new crest doesn’t “scream soccer” at first glance.

Check out the full article on Four Four Two here.


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