Fashion for a Cause with Avery Dennison

During the 2022 MLS All-Star Game in the Twin Cities, long-time MLS official supplier of names and numbers Avery Dennison sought to make an impact within the local community. The perfect partner was a local business led by a local artist and fashion designer that’s developed a brand and career out of benefiting community level initiatives and year-round giveback programs with nonprofit partners through his exclusive apparel.

Meet Jeremy Sutherland and his Hybrid Nation brand.

Connected and brought into the collaboration with Avery Dennison and later fully aligning on the execution of the project, Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing was off and running with Hybrid Nation to develop a a limited-edition apparel collection to benefit the Twin Cities communities it authentically represented.

Once launched in the week leading up to the MLS, the limited-edition apparel collection with shorts, shirts and hats was showcased across the Twin Cities’ local TV news (FOX 9) and the story was told for sneakerheads and fashionistas across the globe via NiceKicks.

For Sutherland, the project illustrated a special connection between his home and his vision: “There’s value in diversity, in experiencing that. Diversity is everything beautiful about the human race. I live by that. I believe in that. My experiences have told me that. That’s my truth. You have an idea? You have a concept. Put it on a shirt. … To have a company like Avery Dennison to see what we’re doing and for them to say ‘we want to be a part of that,’ that’s huge. That’s meaningful for us — it’s working. We’re not the first ones to do it, but no one in streetwear was writing ‘in diversity we trust.’”

The entire project was facilitated and executed – from conceptualization to the publicity activations – by Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing on behalf of the the Avery Dennison Corporation with Major League Soccer.

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