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After four long years of waiting, the World Cup finally kicks off tomorrow when host country Russia plays Saudi Arabia! I’m sure you’re just as excited as we are for things to get underway, BUT before you set your alarm for the early kickoffs over the next four weeks, we’ve got you covered with some interesting World Cup factoids.

A month ago we sought the opinions of 100 American soccer fans as we crept closer and closer to the tournament. We asked them 20 questions about the World Cup, from rooting interests and viewing habits, to work productivity and thoughts on the 2026 hosting selection. We’ve collected the most interesting headlines below – enjoy!

    • Fans tune into the World Cup because of star power. A combined 48% of fans told us the best players and best teams are their favorite things about the World Cup.
    • 69% of fans say their interest in the World Cup hasn’t changed despite the U.S. not qualifying.
    • 90% of fans plan to watch at least half of all World Cup games.
    • Mexico is the most popular team among American soccer fans, receiving 20% of all responses. Behind them are traditional powers France (12%), Argentina (11%), Germany (10%), and England (8%). However, if you’re looking for America’s sweetheart, look no further than Iceland who received 6% of all votes – just behind the aforementioned countries.
    • As viewing habits continue to change, soccer fans told us digital consumption through streaming and social media (37%) will overtake traditional TV viewing (36%).
  • From a pre-determined list of official and non-associated World Cup brands, 18% of fans told us Coca-Cola is the brand they most associate with the World Cup. The remaining brands in the top 5 are:
    • McDonalds – 11%
    • Pepsi – 9%
    • Emirates – 7%
    • Budweiser / Heineken – 7%
    • Have a friend who’s on the fence about soccer and the World Cup? Get them to watch Portugal vs. Spain – the match fans told us is the most exciting Group Stage match.
    • Feeling cough, cough sick? 89% of fans said you should feel no shame for taking off work during the World Cup. On average, fans plan to take 2.4 days off work over the span of the tournament.
    • If you don’t take the day off and decide to stay at the office, perhaps you’ll be like 68% of fans who say their work productivity will decrease during the World Cup. Just don’t be like the 7% who expect to be so useless they may get fired.
    • When you jump to your phone for the latest World Cup news and updates, where are you heading? According to fans, Instagram is the social platform of choice during the World Cup with 30% of responses. Twitter (20%) and YouTube (20%) round out the top three platforms.
    • The Club vs. Country debate is a great one and the answer likely varies by country and by region. Here in the U.S., it’s no surprise that 82% of fans would rather see their country win the World Cup than their favorite club team win a league title.
    • Onto the 2026 World Cup hosting nominees. People said the top three reasons why the North American bid should have been selected are:
      • Continuing the growth of the sport in countries like the U.S. and Canada (28%)
      • Stadium infrastructure is already in place; no additional investment (25%)
      • Show me the money! A North American tournament will be more financially lucrative (20%)
    • On the other hand, the top three reasons the Moroccan bid should have been selected are:
      • Continued growth of the sport and increased African unity (27%)
      • Morocco is in a European time zone, helping drive maximum TV revenues (20%)
      • Morocco provides an intimate setting allowing fans to travel to multiple cities/venues (16%)
    • Perhaps surprising to some, only 15% of fans saw the current U.S. political climate as a bonus for the Moroccan bid.
  • Who did fans think would be selected to host the 2026 World Cup? 86% of fans said North America would be selected.

That’s all she wrote! THE paramount event of the summer and the apple of every soccer fan’s eye is upon us. May you bask in the glory that is the World Cup and hopefully be among the 10% of fans who told us their office will show matches.

На здоровье!

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