Casey H. Moore

Misinformation Spreads Fast in Soccer Social Media

“ITK” is a social media phenomenon most fans are aware of. It’s also one of the most divisive acronyms in world soccer.

“ITK” stands for “In The Know” – every transfer window, like the one we’re just days away from, hundreds of these ITK social media accounts pop-up with varying success. Usually, they’re just full of nonsense. But occasionally, these faceless Netizens get something right and their lifespan, like that of a soccer manager, is extended into extra time.

Deadspin recently examined the domino effect of ITK’s and FanZines falsehoods, leading to unsubstantiated claims across more “credible” news outlets that spiral into a series of bogus claims, lawsuits, fines and retractions.

Crazy how just one Tweet can start a firestorm these days. Click here to check out “The Anatomy of a Bogus Soccer Rumor, Starring Wayne Rooney” to look at the destructive influence of ITK journalism.


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