Premier League Fans - Siblings Day

Young Premier League Fans Rewarded

Building a community in the U.S. is a key priority for the Premier League, given all the on-field action happens thousands of miles away in stadiums many American fans may never visit.

The emphasis on bringing people together is what’s so special about the work we do with the Premier League in the U.S. and on the PLinUSA Instagram and Twitter accounts.

When a Premier League partner finds the sense of camaraderie equally important and wants to take part, it adds to the uniqueness.

So, when Avery Dennison, official supplier of Premier League names, numbers and sleeve badges, wanted to reward fans in the PLinUSA community, we had just the right idea.

A day worthy of celebration

Family viewing is an integral part of PL Mornings, even more so during the 2020/21 season. So, we developed a program alongside the Premier League and Avery Dennison to celebrate young sibling fans across the country.

Whether they share an affinity for the same club or have their own family rivalries, waking up early together to tune into PL action is something to be celebrated. What better moment in time to appropriately reward these young fans than National Siblings Day on April 10th!

We worked with our network of youth soccer clubs to identify a diverse mix of pairs, trios, and quads of siblings from coast to coast – all of whom were grateful recipients of their own fully-customized jersey, courtesy of Avery Dennison. Many siblings were already PL fans, but others allowed one sibling to usher in their younger sibling(s) to the PL family.

From Mohamed Salah and Jack Grealish to Christian Pulisic and Jack Harrison, siblings across the country wore their jerseys with pride and posted pictures on social media. Some siblings even pretended to like each other!

Whether boasting friendly rivalries or rooting on their favorite club together, the smiles and messages of gratitude to the Premier League and Avery Dennison made this a National Siblings Day for the books.

Without further ado, here are pictures of some of our participating siblings!

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