Mike Koeshartanto

RIP Soccer Vine

As an avid user, and frequent publisher, I was pained to read some sad news yesterday: Vine (Twitter’s app for editing and looping six seconds of video) is shutting down.

Launched in 2012, the Vine platform was a marriage made in heaven for sports highlights. Soccer, as is the norm across the viral internet, took an instant leadership position. Soccer creators and creatives led the charge, but soon many teams and brand partners followed. Some of my off the cuff faves:

SAMSUNG + Indi Cowie

NIKE + Tim Howard

ADIDAS + Leo Messi

Heineken + UEFA Champions League

ESPN’s “I Believe”

MLS’s “I Believe”

Giovinco makes ’em look silly…

Mourinho looks sillier…for a good cause.

And last, the generally absurd.

Oh, Vine. Even with a reported 200 million monthly users, I guess it’s time for you to go. You were the first, spawning current successes in Snapchat and Instagram. But more than anything I’m guessing it was the GIF that sent you packing.

Onward and upward, as they say.



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