GESM Office Shootout
Mike Koeshartanto

Podcast: Top Soccer Moments of the 2010s

On this episode, the GESM crew discuss the biggest business-related soccer stories of the 2010s, as well as their favorite on-field moments from a decade that brought us three Men’s and three Women’s World Cups, as well as countless other soccer memories. All this and more in the latest episode of the Office Shootout!

Top Soccer Moments of the 2010s

  • The growing popularity of streaming / OTT services – 1:43
  • NBC Sports & the Premier League – 4:26
  • The rise of esports – 7:42
  • Maturation of social media – 12:25
  • Access, access, access – 14:20
  • Other stories that dominated the decade – 16:10
  • Favorite on-field moments – 19:26

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