Harrison McIntire

EA Sports Releases FIFA 18 Digital Fourth Kits

Mom: “Dinner’s ready”

Me: “Alright. Just give me 5 more minutes. I’m just about to finish my game of FIFA.”

That was a way too common conversation (or beginning of an argument) I had growing up. Today, it is still a relevant dinnertime ritual for young soccer fans. To the dismay of parents everywhere, EA Sports has found a way to make it happen even more often.

The company notoriously known for being behind FIFA has found a way to do so through their partnership with Adidas. The pair has recently collaborated to create the franchise’s first-ever digital fourth kits. As of mid-December, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Juventus all have had custom jerseys made accessible to FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) players.

If a FUT player had their favorite team listed as one of the four by December 15th then the digital fourth kit was automatically made available to them. If not, then the kits would be accessible via packs or by purchasing them from other players.

Sports pop culture has a complex, ever-changing personality. One thing that has stayed on trend within it though is its relationship with fashion. Over the years we have seen sneakerhead culture blossom, in addition to celebrities continuing to wear jerseys because of how they look and what they represent. By building the digital fourth kits, EA has found a way to tap into this unique part of sports.

The four teams chosen were no accident either. The company strategically targeted the “biggest” team in the four most popular leagues to allow them to connect with the potentially broadest set of its users.

As a lover of the beautiful game and a beautiful jersey, I’m looking forward to being able to get my hands on some of these in real life.

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