Harrison McIntire

Adidas and Manchester United Create Music Video For Kit Launch with Paul Pogba

To put it simply, the clutter is real. People are bombarded with messaging every second of every day. The only true moments of clarity come when one is sleeping and the only reason for that is because the body is turned off to accepting the communications. The life Futurama predicted came a millennium early.

The world of solely being direct via traditional advertising has been lost. The clutter overwhelms it. People are continuously forced to innovate so their messaging is seen or heard.

Adidas, Desiigner, and Manchester United reimagined this perspective and created a unique activation. The three parties worked together to shoot a kit release video and then a music video, both shot at Old Trafford, United’s home ground. The kit release video featured Desiigner’s new song ‘Outlet’, Paul Pogba, Old Trafford, and of course the new kit. This was released via Adidas’ channels to drive interest for the new uniform. A few weeks later (June 21st), Desiigner dropped Outlet’s music video, which was shot entirely in Old Trafford. Throughout nearly all of the footage someone could be seen wearing the new away jersey, not to mention Paul Pogba featuring alongside him throughout. To call this product placement wouldn’t adequately describe it.

The only other sports club that comes to mind having produced similar content are the Golden State Warriors, having partnered with local artists – Marshall Payne & Lou Koo – for an original song and video to hype GSW fans through the 2013 holidays. However, the collaboration was not funded to the same levels, nor did it include the kit provider.

It is yet to be determined whether or not this marketing approach has indeed cut through the clutter, but only time will tell. It will be interesting to see how the integration of the sports and entertainment industries will occur over the ensuing decades.

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