Leandro Martinez

USL Partners Up With Powerade Sueño Alianza

The United Soccer League (USL) announced a partnership with Powerade Sueño Alianza, an organization dedicated to the support and development of amateur soccer in the Hispanic community in United States.

The main purpose of the partnership is to allow USL to reach thousands of young talented players and the ability to recruit and sign top prospects that otherwise would have gone undiscovered.

Alianza de Fútbol events attract over 220,000 players annually, with more than 1 million Hispanic players having participated in an Alianza event over the past decade. USL, not only expects to broaden their talent pool, but also tap into an underserved market segment and generate awareness about the league.

Even though the Hispanic community has only recently become the largest minority and marketers recognize the opportunities that come along with that, few brands have taken the time to fully understand and tailor strategies to engage specifically with this segment.

This partnership serves as proof that the opportunities are there for the taking, and that the Hispanic community is open to receiving brands that create stories that resonate with their unique cultural background.

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