Scott Hutchison

Soccer Stars and Their Personal Brands

When it comes to athletes crafting personal brands, global soccer stars are some of the best. A recent article from Front Office Sports highlights examples of soccer players with strong personal brands and includes insights from our Digital Account Manager Chris Stearns.

The article starts off focusing on Neymar and his evolution into a global icon, highlighting his recent Mixtape and music video collaboration with Nike. The article then dives into what goes into an athlete’s personal brand and showcases more examples including Ronaldo, Messi, Pogba, James Rodriguez, and Patrice Evra.

Beyond on-field performance, which is definitely a factor, the most important aspect of athlete’s personal brand comes from the authenticity and building that connection with fans. Social media has allowed athletes (from all sports) to do that much easier and will only grow over the coming years with the next generation of stars.

You can read the full article from Front Office Sports here.

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