Ben Schaefer

Red Bull and Neymar Team Up to Bring the World 5-a-side Soccer

What do you get when you join Neymar Jr., 5-a-side soccer, 6 continents, and Red Bull? A great opportunity! As one of the world’s most recognizable soccer names, Neymar Jr. presents a very interesting opportunity for brands, namely, Red Bull.

The tournament, named Neymar Jr.’s Fives, features regional and national qualifying matches that ultimately lead to a World final in Neymar’s hometown in Brazil. This tournament is going to span 20,000+ teams and 100,000+ players from all reaches of the globe. However, this isn’t just any five a side tournament. After each goal scored, one member of the succumbing team must drop a player, and after 10 minutes, there can only be one team left standing.

This creates a unique opportunity for the astute brand marketer. Due to the high intensity and frequency of each match, there are more and more consumers to get in front of. Better yet, Neymar Jr.’s team putting on the tournament has recognized the value of the U.S. market, having increased the number qualifying tournaments in the U.S. from 2017. This again just gives more opportunity for the brand marketer in this region to get in front of tens of thousands of athletes and fans alike.

One way Red Bull are differentiating their marketing this year is by launching a commemorative new can with the Paris St. Germain player on the side. The two entities will be taking to social media, encouraging everyone to send them their photos and videos highlighting the new Red Bull cans. A unique promotion for an incredibly unique event.

The tournament really is a celebration of soccer – with a final in the Neymar’s hometown in Brazil – and to be able to further connect with dedicated fans from all over the world and to drive engagement with such an Elite player will prove to be an invaluable experience.

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