Leandro Martinez

Real Time Collectables will be an Instant Hit

Panini America launches Panini-Instant, an on-line platform for collecting rare sports cards in real-time.

Panini Stickers are a big deal in Latin America. Growing up, it was one thing that my friends and I would get on board with right away previous to any major soccer tournament. Traditionally Panini has produced a album books where you can stick collectible stickers with the head shots of your favorite players, national teams, team crests and other images from important tournaments such as the soccer World Cups.

The experience of collecting these stickers rapidly becomes a social event that creates lots of excitement for children and adults before and during the tournament. People can go to a store and buy sticker packets and then go out and trade duplicates with friends at school, or work. Games use to come up to make things interesting and win stickers from your friends. It’s a different and cool way to be involved physically with the championships and soccer fans love it!

Panini-Instant, a real-time on-line platform will provide collectors with a chance of acquiring a limited edition card that will capture the highlight of individual games.

“Panini Instant is a revolutionary direct-to-consumer product that allows fans to collect cards around key events and moments in sports,” said Panini America CEO Mark Warsop. “Panini Instant grants us the opportunity to capitalize on the evolving trend to collect in real-time and the ability to expand the trading card category beyond collectors to mainstream sports fans around the world.”

Each new Panini Instant card will be made available on iCollectPanini.com between noon – 1:00PM CST the following day and will be available to purchase for 24 hours. Each Panini Instant card will be made to order and will be numbered to reflect the total print quantity of each card on the back. The cards will be shipped to consumers within three to five days after the 24-hour ordering window expires.

The site will be launched with Copa America Centenario and will continue with Euro Cup 2016. I cannot wait to check out the site after each game to see what highlights I can get ahold of to remember the second time I get to be living in the country that gets to host such a historic tournament (Uruguay 1995, USA 2016).

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