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Premier League: All I Want For Christmas is You

I know, I know…I’ve gone and put this omnipresent Mariah Carey holiday tune in your head. My bad. I have to say it though because it’s true. Premier League: all I want for Christmas is you.

ctjtbvru8aadgjzI’ve tried in the past to not be so biased. I’ve convinced myself to focus on big Christmas NBA games. I’ve wagered on a smattering of kinda-important college football bowl games to try and make them interesting. I’ve spent the days in my Blackhawks sweater, just like Clark Griswold. I’ve sat through a healthy dose of holiday NFL games while top teams rest their starters (ahead of the January playoffs). I’ve reconciled the fact that MLS won’t be around again until March and I’ve even tried to convince myself that players in La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and more deserve a seasonal break…just like me.

But in 2016, enough is enough.

This year, I’m clearing the decks and making my holiday sports shopping nice and easy. As Bleacher Report so nicely points out, there’s only one day without a Premier League match between December 26th and January 4th.


Just look at this tasty lineup. It’s surely better to sink your teeth into than an extra slice of ham or some of Aunt Sally’s ‘mystery’ casserole. Nothing so perfectly blends your relaxing days-off with frenetic on-field action.

So take this weekend and just give it a thought. Consider all the extra time you’ll have with family and friends if your sports obligations are done by noon. Realize that you now have a really good reason to wake up on New Years Day before noon.

Most of all, ponder how great it will be to look forward to a daily dose of the greatest show on Earth. Premier League soccer, the gift that keeps on giving.

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