Chris Stearns

Nashville’s MLS Expansion Bid Becomes A Favorite

Don’t look now, but Nashville might have the inside track on one of the two MLS Expansion bids to be awarded in December.

While Nashville was among the last of twelve cities to get in on the bidding process, they just cemented themselves as the second most-ready city after unveiling its stadium location and financing plan. With previous front-runners St. Louis and San Diego running into financing issues and other bids, most notably Cincinnati, Detroit, Phoenix, and Tampa.

It was previously reported earlier this week that Nashville had already been awarded an MLS franchise, but that report was quickly denied by the league. Whether that was leaked inside information or wishful thinking, it does appear that Nashville has all of the pieces in place to join MLS in 2020, most likely with the Sacramento Republic who have been MLS-ready for a couple of years now.

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