Mike Koeshartanto

MLS Social Media Growth in March 2017

The first month of the MLS season is officially in the books and there are plenty of storylines to discuss. As the league continues to grow and gain a bigger audience both in the stands, on TV, and socially, we thought it would be interesting to track League and Club social media account growth during March.

Atlanta United dominated Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and that shouldn’t be too surprising – new team, electric start, and rising South American stars is a recipe for social media success.

Chicago Fire’s sharp increase in Instagram followers can likely be attributed to the team’s signing of German star, Bastian Schweinsteiger.

A possible explanation for Orlando City’s two top-three appearances could be the continued infatuation with Brazilian star, Kaka, and the opening of their new stadium.

We will continue to highlight this information as the season progresses.

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