Ben Schaefer

What Do MLS Players Bring To The Social Media Table?

Opendorse, a marketing platform geared towards athletes have recently reported on the social media footprints of Major League Soccer and the players within the league. What Opendorse has found is that consistently, the players within the league significantly outrank both the teams and the league across almost all social metrics.

In terms of total audience, players within MLS have a total of 227.1 million followers, individual teams have amassed 22.4 million followers, and the league itself has 7.3 million followers across all platforms. While it is logical that the more accounts available would lead to a higher number of followers, what has become most apparent, though, is the correlation between star players and engagement.

MLS players accumulated over 193 million engagements whereas the league’s social amassed 26 million engagements this year. In the past year MLS has adopted Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimović to play amongst their ranks, and with the level of local talent constantly increasing, it will be interesting to monitor how players can influence the productivity of team-based and league-based social metrics.

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