Mexico Jersey Top Seller 2019
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Highest Selling Soccer Jerseys in 2019

*UPDATE: check out our updated list of the highest-selling jerseys in 2020 here.

We reached out to our friends at to get a lowdown on the highest selling soccer jerseys of 2019. When you consider all of the soccer events in the first nine months of the year, it’s not surprising which teams and which jerseys make up the top ten. A total of seven different teams are included – Mexico, U.S. Women’s National Team, U.S. Men’s National Team, Liverpool, Barcelona, Manchester United, and Real Madrid. Among the top ten, Nike has four jerseys, adidas has four, and New Balance has one.

Highest Selling Soccer Jerseys 2019

Mexico reigns supreme

Not only is Mexico the current champions of the region, they’re also the team with the highest selling jersey of 2019, to date. The black adidas Home Jersey beat out the USWNT jersey in a Women’s World Cup year – no small feat. The white with green and red striped adidas away jersey also made the top ten list and is one of my personal favorite jerseys of 2019.

Four titles, four jerseys

In a year in which the USWNT won their fourth FIFA Women’s World Cup and the USMNT second in the bi-annual Gold Cup, U.S. Soccer’s full suite of Home and Away jerseys made the top ten. The fact that the women’s jersey is the second highest seller should come as no surprise – earlier this summer it was announced the jersey was Nike’s highest-selling online soccer jersey in one season.

Big clubs = big sales

If Mexico having the highest-selling jersey to date in 2019 is not surprising, add also to that list the fact that among the highest-ranking club jersey sales are Barcelona, Manchester United, and Real Madrid. The three clubs make up the top three of Forbes’ list of Soccer’s Most Valuable Teams, as well as their list of the highest Matchday ValueBroadcasting Value, Commercial Value.

What is slightly surprising is Liverpool’s appearance as the highest-selling replica jersey among all club teams. Their title-winning run in the UEFA Champions League coupled with a second place finish in the 2018/19 Premier League has given the club a lot of momentum and it has shown.

Will this list of highest selling soccer jerseys change at all through the remainder of 2019? With European leagues underway and the UEFA Champions League group stage on the horizon, we may very well see some movement among club jerseys, but it’s hard to see the Mexico and USWNT jerseys lose their respective places.


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