Mike Koeshartanto

Future MLS Stadiums Will Blend into Cities

Last week FourFourTwo released an article introducing a project with Populous, the world’s largest sports architecture firm, to illustrate the future of MLS stadia. As the league and teams have grown and a majority of teams have soccer-specific stadiums, the focus has turned to stadia in urban cores. As Populous illustrates in the article, that trend will not be going away as the league continues to strengthen its connection with a younger and more affluent demo.

Populous designed a futuristic stadium dubbed “Urban Park” and focused its design on the following:

1) Urban: Populous envisions stadiums being as close to a central urban core as possible with the lines of the stadium blending with the lines of the city.

2) Multi-use: the next focus of Urban Park to further brand the team as part of the city is to make the stadium and the surrounding area open for multiple uses.

3) Technology: future MLS stadia will integrate the latest in sustainability tech and feature augmented and virtual reality to provide fans new ways to engage with the game.

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