Scott Hutchison

Driver, Take Me To…Manchester?

Imagine you’re headed to the pub to meet some friends for this morning’s Man United match. You grab you your phone, find your Uber app and request a ride. Minutes later, your car arrives and you hop in to scoot across town to the bar. Only this ride, on this morning, is different. While in route, you’re surprised and delighted to be given access to exclusive behind-the-scenes MUFC content that recreates the experience at Old Trafford stadium. 

Let that concept sink in for a sec. While it sounds like a far-fetched idea, it’s actually not.

Over the next several months, Uber will connect fans in over 30 countries around the world (including the U.S.) to United through a number of experiences, including behind-the scenes content, bringing fans together on match days wherever they are watching. Details on how a rider will be selected to receive content has not yet been revealed, but we’re eagerly anticipating the news. In a world where it’s hard to breakthrough with innovation messaging, this activation has the potential to do just that.

While partnering with the ride sharing giant is not a new idea, as Chelsea has activated this relationship in previous seasons, it is the first time a soccer team has utilized a relationship with Uber as a way to deliver unique and exclusive content.

With a couple months remaining in the 16/17 Premier League season, and a summer full of Man United tour stops across America, we’re eagerly refreshing our Uber app for details.



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