John Guppy

Coming Soon: 2016 GESM Soccer Market Rankings

What is the top soccer market in the U.S? A question we often get asked by clients and industry observers.  Historically, our response has been to ask a follow up question. “It depends on what criteria you are considering – attendance, viewership, social engagement, participation.”

Honestly, we never really liked that answer. It felt like a bit of a cop out – an avoidance of the fundamental question. So we decided to develop a formulaic way to evaluate a variety of soccer consumption criteria across each DMA in the U.S. We are excited to say that next Tuesday, March 15th, we will be unveiling the GESM Soccer Market Rankings.

Our rankings considered soccer consumption data from over 20 different sources across the five principles of soccer:  playing, watching, attending, conversing, and searching. Each criteria was evaluated, applied a weighting factor, and aggregated into a composite score. The result is a listing of the Top 100 Soccer Markets in the U.S.

We will be releasing a list of the Top 30 Soccer Markets next Tuesday. To peak your interest, we’ll be counting down the top five markets each day on our blog and Twitter handle (@SoccerMarketing) leading in to the announcement of the #1 soccer market. We hope you’re ready to, discuss, debate, and socialize our Soccer Market rankings.

Any guesses on the #1 soccer market?

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