Casey H. Moore

One Emoji Tells A Thousand Words

Last night, fans of El Tri filled AT&T Stadium to watch Mexico take on Argentina. They sang, cheered and shouted. No doubt, they also texted, Tweeted and posted.

The celebrations went well beyond the venue, with almost 60,000 mentions of “Mexico” in America on Twitter during the time of the match.

It was fun for us to see many of those messages include emojis like the two you see above, all a part of the “Expressions” campaign launched last night by AT&T and Cultur8.

In a world where 140 characters sometimes defines the limits of your expression, El Tri fans will absolutely enjoy the ability to say a lot more with a lot less. The “Expressions” app is a very strong way to connect fans to AT&T as the brand gets set to begin its 11th year as an official partner.

Click here for a link to the Google store to grab the app and try it yourself.

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