Casey H. Moore

Advancing Technology is advancing fans

Tech has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and it is providing unparalleled access to our soccer teams. Here are three ways that clubs recently began using technology to make their supporters experiences more memorable.

  1. Man City’s new tunnel cam:

Can you imagine what we would have been able to see when Keane went up against Viera had we had a 360-degree tunnel camera? Well now, thanks to Manchester City’s new tunnel cam we can. We can now get a deep “behind-the-scenes” view of match days and walk out with our favorite players. We get access to the banter, the handshakes and reactions of players pre-game and at the half. This provides added value for the everyday supporter to get just that little bit of added value to every match.

Click here to check out the view from City’s 3-0 victory over, previous champions, Chelsea.

  1. Apple takes a bite out of the difficulty of getting into the match:

FC Porto have begun utilizing the Apple watch (Any other major smart watch), in combination with an app, to allow people to swipe their way into the match. Barcodes and QR codes have always served the same function and much like we rely on our phones to use tickets now we have wearable tech. No more fumbling and swiping and opening apps to get into the game. One swipe, one scan and we are in. Sounds easy to me.

Here is the Verge with a more in-depth article on the program.

  1. Galaxy becomes the first soccer team with a video service DeskSite

The Galaxy has just joined a group of NFL teams and the Columbus Blue Jackets in partnering with DeskSite. DeskSite is a video app that allows the club’s supporters to gain access to a cornucopia of hi-def video content right from their desktop. This allows the fan to have a more seamless and user-friendly experience instead of constantly checking YouTube for the latest updates on videos. All I know now is that I wish West Ham United had it because I for one am tired of logging on to West Ham United TV.




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