Ben Schaefer

Adidas Announces Tango League Companion App

To understand what the implications are of Adidas’s new Tango application, it’s useful to understand what exactly the Tango League is. Nearly a year ago, Adidas wanted to come up with an idea to aggregate and cultivate soccer influencers and advocates in key markets across the world. In order to do so, they debuted the Adidas Tango league, which: combined soccer competency along with social media authority (In the form of localized tournaments). Following its genesis, nearly forty thousand participants signed up and over four hundred thousand views on social media ensued. Moreover, this activation was spread to nearly forty cities worldwide. Needless to say, this was a serious endeavor for Adidas.

Adidas plans on making use of their Tango League’s successes, and with this new application, will create a nucleus for all things Tango. Within the app, consumers will be able to access all things league-related, centralizing all of the information into the palm of their hands. Secondly, the app will feature player profiles that participants can create which will enable users to create and grow their own presence within the community. This is possible because the application will allow users to upload their own content and by sharing it within the community, others can comment, vote, and reinforce abilities. Florian Alt, the Vice President of brand communication for Adidas explains, “The Tango League has been a hugely successful way of bringing together football creators from all over the word”.

The application plans on retaining interest by incorporating exciting features such as: “Challenges” in which users from around the world can challenge and impress others by showing off and completing trials, moreover, it will attempt to balance social uploads alongside the structured competition.

What Adidas is offering is the ability to connect with likeminded soccer enthusiasts on and off the field. By combining social media clout and a platform to show off one’s skills, the Tango application looks to blend together all aspects of the modernized soccer consumer.

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