John Guppy

2015 Year In Search Top Players

Not surprisingly, Cristiano Ronaldo and Alex Morgan topped the 2015 Google Year in Search charts for male and female soccer players in the U.S. Both Ronaldo and Morgan transcend the sport of soccer and Morgan, in particular, was in the mainstream public eye in 2015 placing her #5 overall amongst the most searched athletes (male or female) in the U.S.

A deeper dive into the Google Trends data reveals the #1 State for Ronaldo search activity was Oregon. Interestingly though, the Beaver State ranked only 44th (ahead of just Montana, Wyoming, South and North Dakota, Vermont and Alaska) when it came to the search activity for Alex Morgan. This is particularly surprising given that Morgan played all year for the NWSL Portland Thorns, before her October trade to Orlando Pride.

Top States for Cristiano Ronaldo

  1. Oregon
  2. Virginia
  3. Kansas
  4. California
  5. New Jersey

Top States for Alex Morgan

  1. New jersey
  2. Connecticut
  3. Maryland
  4. District of Columbia
  5. Rhode Island


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