Casey H. Moore

Will VR Shift The Way We View Sports?

When Japan bid to host the 2022 World Cup Final they stated that they would be holding 3D viewing parties in stadiums across the country. Where that 3D event tech maybe a few years away, Forbes has released a video showing off current tech that could change the game entirely.

Forbes is showing us that Oculus Rift is providing the opportunity for fans to sit pitch-side from the comfort of their couch. Imagine that your beloved Columbus Crew has made it to the MLS Cup Final but the match sold out and you couldn’t get a ticket. Imagine that it actually worked to your advantage because you could sit fireside with your Oculus Rift on and feel you are at the match while you are still all warm and toasty.

Oh! And a beer won’t cost you $10 and there is no line for the bathroom.

Even more recently a local Portland based news site has also looked into the ways that VR is already changing the experience for your everyday MLS fan.  Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers already use VR to help consumers see their sight lines for games. Both teams also have allowed the ability for a “pitch view”. It allows fans to get the view from their favorite players on the field. It will give you a more immersive experience.

With this all happening and technology advancing everyday the possibilities are endless on how, as marketers, we can show off our client’s brands. It is an exciting time people!

Check out the full Forbes video by clicking this link.

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