Casey H. Moore

Digits of the CONCACAF Gold Cup

1,092,282 people attended the CONCACAF Gold Cup this summer across the U.S. and Canada. Of the 1.1 million, 300,000 purchased their tickets three weeks before hand – a 100% increase from sales in 2013. Six out of the fourteen stadiums completely sold out.  The highest attended match was the Mexico V. Panama semi-final at the MetLife stadium in New Jersey with 74,184 seats filled.

Three networks broadcast the tournament in the U.S., Fox Sports 1, Unimas, and Univision. The most watched maths by channel were: Fox Sports 1 drew 1.5 million people for the U.S. V. Panama match, Unimas had 2.8 million for Mexico V. T-N-T, and Univision garnered 3.7 million to watch Mexico V. Guatemala.  The Gold Cup final, on Spanish television combined, had over 5.5 million viewers across America.

#GoldCup2015/#GoldCup had over 2.8 million impressions of Twitter and Instagram during the week. The majority of posts originated from phones across the U.S. and Mexico.

To see an infographic from Forbes please click here.


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