Leandro Martinez

Neymar Showcases That Perfect Isn’t Pretty For Gillette Olympics Campaign

While Neymar Jr. was getting ready to play the 2nd leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, Gillette, mens grooming products company, was launching their newest campaign: “Perfect Isn’t Pretty.”

Gillette released the roster of athletes to be featured during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro which is lead by Brazilian Soccer and FC Barcelona forward, Neymar Jr. Though the contract was signed in 2015, this is the first time Gillette activates with his image.

“To be the best I have to associate myself with the best.” said Neymar Jr on Facebook. In the new spot below, he’s associating himself with reigning Decathlon Olympic champion Ashton Eaton , Asian 100-meter freestyle record holder Ning Zetao and Great Britain cyclist Andy Tenant.



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