Casey H. Moore

More Clubs Trying to Lure MLS to Town

Every year it seems like USLPro or NASL teams are vying for the promise-land that is MLS.

This week two teams are pushing forward with expensive plans to create/purchase soccer specific stadiums that will impress the people back at MLS HQ in NYC.

Sacramento Republic FC have announced plans for a new $180M soccer specific stadium. The funding for this would come privately other than the $46M already spent or committed by the city to revitalize that part of town.

Elsewhere it has come out that the city of San Antonio and Bexar County (the county which holds San Antonio) are looking to put up $21M to purchase an 8,000 seater soccer stadium. Their are plans to add 10,000 more seats in the future and try to lure MLS to add a third Texan team to the league’s roster.

It is great to see that more cities want MLS in their town and that the thirst for the sport is steadily growing.

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