Leandro Martinez

Minnesota FC: A New Stadium and Possible Team Name

Minnesota United FC has unveiled their renderings for the new state of the art stadium to be finalized by 2018.

The club is shooting for a world-class stadium with a 20,000 person capacity and some very interesting features that will enhance the fan experience, while reducing environmental impact and energy usage.

Some of the stadium’s features include:

  • LED Lighting throughout the venue
  • Three hospitality clubs
  • Complete 360-degree canopy over the bowl to protect fans and players from the elements
  • Field heating system
  • Antennas for enhanced cell phone coverage
  • High-Density WiFi
  • Furthest distance from spectator to the pitch will be 125 feet


One of the things that Minnesota FC can’t have, though, is their club’s full name. Since Atlanta United FC took the word United  first, MLS forced Minnesota to reconsider the name. Back in February, Major League Soccer registered the name “Minnesota FC” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. While a decision on the official team name when they enter MLS hasn’t been formally announced, all signs point to Minnesota FC as the new official team name. This comes as a disappointment to fans of the team, as they have been actively playing with the name Minnesota United FC since 2013, and unite the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Though arguably the names of the MLS teams make a point to emulate those in Europe (Real, United, City, FC, SC), do you think the name really matters to a fan? Will a true fan not support their club if the name drifts away from the safe European conventions?



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