MLS Top Jersey Sales 2020
Mike Koeshartanto

Highest-Selling Jerseys of the 2020 MLS Season

Earlier this week MLS released a list of the highest-selling jerseys for the 2020 season based on sales from We’ve highlighted the top ten below, but to see the full list you can visit the MLS site for more details. Here are some quick facts:

  • Josef Martinez, despite missing virtually the entire season, is in the top three
  • 70 percent of the top 10 jerseys are Hispanic with representation from Mexico (3), Venezuela (1), Argentina (1), Portugal (1), and Peru (1)
  • Jordan Morris (SEA) and Brenden Aaaronson (PHI) are the two U.S. Men’s National Team pool players represented in the top 10
  • Inter Miami’s three Designated Players are all featured in the top 10 despite the latest signing, Gonzalo Higuain, only happening in mid-September
  • MLS Newcomer of the Year, Lucas Zelerayan (CLB), was the 23rd most-purchased jersey

Highest-Selling MLS Jerseys 2020

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