Mike Koeshartanto

Forbes SportsMoney Index – Top Brands

Forbes recently released their first ever SportsMoney Index which takes into account several different valuations to produce a list of the top 430 global brands, teams, players, and agencies in the world of sport.

The past two days we highlighted the top soccer teams and players that made Forbes’ list. Not-so-surprisingly, the list was top-heavy with all things Real Madrid and Barcelona. Getting away from the influence of on-the-field entities, today we’re highlighting the top soccer-related brands in Forbes’ list, all of whom are major players in the global sports sponsorship game.

Note – the number next to each team represents the ranking within the list of 430 brands, teams, players, agencies and not their individual ranking among only brands.

For more information on Forbes’ SportsMoney Index, check out their full rankings and more details here.

Header Image via Forbes

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