Harrison McIntire

English Soccer Clubs Rollout Virtual Replacement Perimeter Technology Advertising

The days are long gone from a zip-tied banner to a fence at the highest level of sport. We’ve reached the stage where you can geotarget the LED signage around the field for viewers all around the world. ADI, in conjunction with Supponer, have pioneered this to create “Virtual Hybrid Digiboard System”, which changes the LED image based on the viewer’s location.

According to SportTechie, “For broadcasters, virtual overlays are seamless when delivering this personalized advertising and it does not disrupt the TV viewer’s experience, including a limitless number of feeds which can have this technology integrated on.”

For example, Everton is able to sell the same exact advertising space to different companies based on location. No longer does a company have to feel that it may be wasting marketing dollars because it’s advertising to people who don’t have access to their product. Everton can piece-meal the advertising packages so that each partner targets only the locations that they are interested in. The club can then drive revenues up by drawing premiums from specific markets as well as being able to offer a more enticing product to a wider variety of potential partners. In the end, it’s a win-win.


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