Danielle Prior

Why I Love the New Adidas Campaign for Women’s Cleats

As a competitive athlete you spend majority of your career searching for the right equipment for your sport. Whether it’s the perfect trainers for outdoor running, or the best lightweight boot for the pitch, you’re constantly looking for the latest and greatest. As a female, we never seem to be satisfied with the limited options that are out there for our gender. Sports (and gear) are naturally catered to the male athletes which makes it difficult to truly feel comfortable with the tools you’re working with when perfecting your art.


During my soccer career I tore my ACL twice, once in high school and once in college, and one of the first questions the trainers and doctors would ask is “what are you wearing for cleats?” I thought it was odd that this was a constant area of concern until the doctors explained why it was important to wear the right boots—simply put, we’re built differently than males. After my second surgery I spent a great deal of time with orthopedic surgeons discussing what the proper equipment would be for my body type, taking all factors into consideration: inline, technique, build, stature, etc. I would go through a boot a season testing different brands and styles to see what felt the most natural for my style of play—though I can’t say I ever really loved a single boot.

After hearing about the launch of this new, innovative, women focused cleat(s) I was super excited that a brand like Adidas finally kicked the ball forward for women in soccer.


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