John Guppy

Who Cares About Men In Blazers?

Michael Davies and Roger Bennett, aka Men in Blazers (MIB), are everywhere these days. They are all over television with their own weekly show on NBC, appearances on Late Night entertainment, and morning sports talk shows. They have a popular satellite radio show and podcast, and pop up on various social streams everyday. Between MIB and their two personal accounts they have 378,000 Twitter followers. And to top it all off next month they are organizing BlazerCon – a serious (yet bizarre) convention-style gathering of soccer fans and insiders.

This recent BuzzFeed article provides a deeper look into the personalities of Rog and Davo and the impact they are having on soccer in America. While they are not everyone’s cup of tea, it is undeniable that their unique, quirky, frenetic style has evolved into a substantive brand that┬átouches soccer fans in ways far beyond the traditional soccer talk analysis.

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