Dillon Payne

USL Unveils Top-To-Bottom Rebrand

United Soccer League or USL as it’s known in the United States soccer realm, has completely rebranded itself to create a more cohesive name recognition from the top tier league down to the bottom. Before the re-brand, USL’s league structure was totally disjointed as it sat USL at the top, USL D3 in the middle, and PDL at the bottom. So you can see how¬†this might be confusing to a new fan trying to understand what league their local club plays in and how that corresponds to the American soccer ladder.

However, following the re-brand, the league has made sure its leagues fit into the same consistent branding which is as follows:

  1. USL Championship
  2. USL League One
  3. USL League Two

While this may still be confusing to the new American fan that isn’t privy to the league structure and branding in England (why should they be?), it still creates a consistent branding within USL.

In order to better understand this structure, the United Soccer League released an informational video that lays out what the motive is behind the rebrand both through the graphic edits and the name brand edits. Soccer fans that are more familiar with the European structure, may see this rebrand as the first step toward promotion relegation and while that may be true in the future, it’s not yet here.

Until then, soccer fans in America will just have to get used to the USL Championship and the exciting play it will offer on the field.

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