Soccer on U.S. TV - October 2020
Mike Koeshartanto

Soccer on U.S. TV – October 2020

Oh, hey there! It’s been awhile since we’ve recapped soccer on U.S. TV, in fact February was our last edition. A lot has happened in the world since then, but the good news is the soccer world has been back and is thriving as we approach the holiday season. So, let us give thanks to another great month of soccer as we wind down on 2020!

The skinny on October

281 matches featuring 295 teams across 31 leagues and competitions.

Leagues from Hispanic countries are most-featured

Are you surprised to see the three most-featured leagues in October were from Hispanic countries? You shouldn’t be. Liga MX (34 games), La Liga (26 games), and the Ecuadorian Liga Pro (23 games) were heavily featured. When you consider TUDN was the channel with the most games it’s no surprise that Liga MX reigned supreme during the month and La Liga is La Liga, so that also makes sense. But what about Liga Pro? Well, thanks to beIN SPORTS owning the league’s U.S. broadcast rights and a shift of some properties elsewhere like ESPN+, beIN SPORTS has become the home to South American leagues and competitions.

Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, the Uruguayan Primera DivisiĆ³n, and Liga Pro were featured a combined 55 times in October and helped beIN SPORTS have the second most broadcasts during the month.

Soccer on U.S. TV - October 2020

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