Scott Hutchison

Dad Sneakily Names Daughter After Favorite Soccer Club

According to a 2014 survey, four out of ten mothers disregard the views of the father during the often fraught process of selecting a name for their new child. The study also found four out of ten dads are forced to back down in the name game and let their other halves have their own way.

It’s times like these that us dads have to stick together. For that reason alone, I give you…


Clare Smith of Blacktown, New South Wales wrote in to a popular Australian lifestyle magazine to tell the story of how her daughter came to be named “Lanesra.” She thought her husband was just being imaginative and romantic when he chose the name, and didn’t realize that it was just Arsenal spelled backwards until Lanesra’s second birthday.

Well played, sir. Well played.

Unsurprisingly, the father’s name-based trickery has gone down well with Arsenal fans. Check out some funny Twitter responses here (via Mashable).

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