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Austin FC Go Big in MLS Jersey Unveil

We’re in the midst of the 2020 MLS playoffs, but that doesn’t preclude us from looking ahead to the 2021 season when Austin FC joins the fold. In recent weeks the club has highlighted a few exciting things, including a quick video tour of the work-in-progress stadium build.

More exciting, however, was the club’s recent unveiling of the jersey players and fans alike will be wearing to rep their team and their city. A team owned, in part, by Matthew McConaughey has to do some pretty cool announcement things, right? Right. Here’s a quick rundown of things Austin FC has done around their jersey launch.

Austin FC, McConaughey, and YETI show off new jersey

On November 18th, Austin FC officially debuted their jersey with videos on social media. Featuring a voiceover from McConaughey, the unveil video showcases Austinites in a way that represents the flavors of the booming city. What does that mean? Music. Tattoos. Technology. Art. Good eats.

YETI, the Austin-based durable drinkware, cooler, and accessories brand and the team’s official front-of-jersey brand partner, also got in on the announcement. In their video, YETI brings out a cooler made of ice, chips it open, and unveils the green and black jersey. YETI also made the jersey available for sale on their website and in their Austin store locations. They also introduced some additional Austin FC-branded items, including 10, 20, and 30 oz. tumblers.

A YETI store opened in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood within the past year, so out of curiosity, I looked into in-store Austin FC jersey purchasing – no luck!


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Building hype, getting jerseys to fans

What good is a jersey release if you can’t get it into the hands of your most ardent fans? To help spread the love, Austin FC converted a 1983 Chevy Barth van into a mobile retail shop. The van, called Verde Van, will travel the Austin metro area parking at one or two locations daily. Fans can stay abreast of Verde Van’s whereabouts on social media and can make an appointment to purchase the new primary jersey during any of the vans scheduled stops.

Last but not least, if you’ve got McConaughey on your side, you have to take advantage. The actor proudly wore the Austin FC jersey on his recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. As part of his appearance, the actor discussed his starting XI of native and adopted Austinites.




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