Music and Soccer Fans

Associating Music Genres With Sports

Lollapalooza is one of the premier music festivals in the world, so why not take advantage and talk to attendees about something they love – music! We caught up with a handful of people to ask them one thing: what music genre do you associate with different sports?

Inherently, we make these associations based on audience demographics and what we see and hear from players, the speakers at tailgates, songs played during commercials, and more. Watch an NBA game and you’re likely to hear hip-hop played as a team brings the ball up the court. Turn on Sunday Night Baseball and hear classic rock during the segue to commercial.

We wanted to talk to Lolla-goers to hear the associations they made with different sports. While answers across all sports were interesting, we were most curious about soccer. Unlike other sports or leagues other than maybe the NBA, soccer’s global fandom makes it harder, in our opinion, to associate one specific genre.

Our conversations reaffirmed our opinion, as we heard everything from indie rock to hip-hop and EDM to reggaeton. And that makes sense. Music and soccer are global and fans of both have extremely diverse interests.

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