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The EA Sports FIFA 17 Demo is Here!

Earlier this week, EA Sports released the highly anticipated demo for FIFA 17. After playing it for more than a few hours this week, our appetite has been wet for the full release at the end of this month.

We previously wrote about the new major game mode of this year’s incarnation of FIFA – The Journey. The demo gives users a taste of The Journey and it definitely got us hooked. This mode allows users to control the fictional Alex Hunter as he starts his footballing career for Manchester United with the task of coming off the bench to beat Chelsea. In the short time we played it, it made FIFA feel fresh. A new mode. A new challenge. Narration. Drama. It’s unlike any other game mode in FIFA and we can’t wait to play the full mode.

If you need us between now and the official release date on September 27th, there’s a solid chance you can find us in front of our PS4 and Xbox One. You can find the full details of the demo here.


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