Leandro Martinez

Sounders FC Pioneer the Intersection of Soccer and Mobile

The Seattle Sounders are making news for being the first MLS team to utilize a mobile app to handle match day ticketing. Though ticket management through the app will be the main reason behind the downloads, there are added functionalities that promise to captivate fans. Some of the features are: Managing rewards, contacting sales reps, seeing the latests promotions, and getting access to exclusive content. Recently the club unveiled their kits through the app first, which generated much anticipated buzz around the Sounders brand.

For the most part, younger generations are very excited with technology improvements that enrich the fan experience and bring them closer to the team. However, the debate around this move towards mobile, focuses on the change in paradigms where the physical ticket was a tangible memorabilia item that had an added value to the match day experience.


Does having a digital ticket take away from Match Day Experience or does it enhance it?

The benefit for the clubs are clear. Mobile tickets will provide much more information about the fans and their behaviors, which will ultimately serve the purpose of enhancing the fan experience. Nevertheless, club are creatively finding other ways to maintain the human aspect of the sport while utilizing technology to optimize business operations. 

We’re looking forward to see how the Sounders utilize their new app throughout the season, especially when it comes to sponsor integration. They undoubtedly have large plans for the mobile app and this is just the beginning.

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