Scott Hutchison

Social Media Reimagined as Soccer Kits

We’ve written a lot about the convergence of social media / digital media behaviors and the sport of soccer. There’s no question soccer content sits on the leading edge of these platforms, but what if someone decided to take it over that edge into the crazy hypothetical (but fun) world of reimagined soccer kits?

That’s just what the team at Graphic United decided to do, unveiling a look at many of your favorite social apps as some slick soccer uniforms. You can check out their full selection here, but many of the best are below.

I’m pretty partial to the Spotify and Twitter kits myself, but I guess I’m pretty partial to those platforms too. Yes, that makes me a homer. Rightly so when you see these designs…

spotifyfc-800x800 twitterathletic-800x800 ussnapchat-800x800 asvine-800x800 instagramfc-800x800 aswhatsapp-800x800 facebookfc-800x800 youtubefc-800x800

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