Soccer Teams Uses Zoom for Virtual Crowd
Mike Koeshartanto

Soccer Team Uses Zoom to Create Virtual Crowd

As soccer leagues and teams inch further down the path toward a return, we’ve seen a handful of creative ways to recreate some semblance of the stadium atmosphere forcibly absent due to COVID-19.

In fact, we recently jumped on Zoom to discuss one of our favorite activations from Borussia Monchengladbach and offered a few more innovative stadium ideas to boot.

New to the mix, however, is an idea from Aarhus of the Danish Superliga. When the team returns to play at the end of May they’ll do so in front of their most ardent and vocal fans… but with a twist! Zoom, the quarantine platform de jour, will serve as the conduit to help create the stadium atmosphere.


So, how will this work? Several video screens will be set up around Ceres Park. Fans interested in being part of the virtual stadium can get a free ticket. The experience is open to anyone, just like normal live event tickets, so expect there to be Aarhus fans, visitor fans, and neutrals scattered around the stadium screens.

Interested fans can choose between 22 different virtual cheering sections, just like a stadium, and will be grouped with other fans who chose that section.

This is a great, innovative way to improve upon the empty, silent stadiums we saw this past weekend as the Bundesliga returns. Of course, it’s easier to get creative and plan for a 19,000-seat stadium versus Dortmund’s 81,000-seater, but the Aarhus and Zoom collaboration could be the foundation on which other teams build future ideas.

UPDATED: 5/29/20

Aarhus recently held their first game at Ceres Park as the Danish Superliga returned, which means we got our first glimpse at the virtual crowd in action. There were reports of a lag between live action and virtual action – psh, technology! The good news is that can be adjusted. It certainly passes the eye test and looks like a great execution other teams and leagues can build on.

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