Carly Samp

Soccer on US TV in 2015

Another year has passed by, and in the soccer world that means another year of a TON of soccer on TV in the U.S.

Sometimes it seems as if you can’t get away from it. There are definitely no lack of choices, even without a robust TV package. As an Agnostic fan on a cable budget I usually find myself watching at least 4-6 games per weekend, spread across different leagues depending on the season.

Take a peek at our Soccer On TV 2015 inforgaphic and spot the YOY trends towards the bottom…and no matter if you’re a Europhile, Event Seeker, Domestic, Fanatico, Observer or Agnostic fan, I challenge you to keep tabs on how much soccer you watch this calendar year. You may be surprised on how much you took in by the end of 2016!



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