Casey H. Moore

Snapping A Pic Of The MLS

Snapchat has become big business. MLB has become very invested in telling their stories to the younger users of Snapchat through their “Our Stories” campaign. Now it looks as if MLS will be the next to jump on the Snapchat bandwagon. Last year the MLS instated FIFA’s top goalscorer from games played online that would add votes to players for the MLS All-Star Game along with their usual online voting system. This year they have gone one step further by using Snapchat and allowing fans to use the platform to take snaps of the player they want to captain the MLS team.

Snapchat has become a premier way for brands and fans alike to tell their story. Ben Schwerin, director of partnerships for the social media platform, said, “We live in a world now where tens of thousands of fans have a phone and a camera, and they’re sharing moments they care about.” Imagine thousands of MLS supporters filming their experience and the atmosphere from around the league and pushing it out. Fan and non-fans would get an intimate peek behind the curtain at the experiences to be had at an MLS match.

As far as how MLS will use the platform, well, coach Pablo Mastroeni has chosen three players, Bradley, Kaka, Keane, as possible captains. Supporters will take a screenshot of the MLS’ illustrations of one of the three players and send it out counting as one vote. 

If you would like to learn more about the voting process click here to head over to

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