Mike Koeshartanto


Dillon and I recently hit the road to Nashville for the U.S. Men’s National Team friendly against Mexico. As the biggest rivalry in CONCACAF (unbiased) and maybe the world (slightly biased), there’s no better game to catch – not just because of the intensity on the field, but for a variety of off-the-field reasons, one of which is the intrigue surrounding the rooting decisions of Mexican-American fans.

The duality that exists between family history/culture and pride for your adopted country/country of residence has always fascinated me. For some fans the decision is simple and there are clearly defined boundaries of support when it comes to soccer. For others, the tug of heartstrings pulling their national pride in different directions makes choosing a side in the rivalry tough.

To get some perspective, we interviewed a few Mexico and U.S. fans before the game. Check out some of their brief thoughts below.

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