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New Kits, Classic Sponsors

When we started this blog, I was more than happy to use the forum to come out of my closet and admit an obsession for collecting soccer jerseys. To me, each one tells a story…may it be about a specific season, a certain player, a favorite memory or just a soccer moment in time.


Of all the tops hung in my closet, this 1997 Chelsea jersey is my favorite (purchased on my first trip to the Bridge).

Whether it’s the marketer in me or it’s a more universal fan behavior, the jersey sponsor has become a pretty integral part of the narrative each jersey evokes. I don’t think of Chelsea circa 1997, for example, w/out also thinking about Autoglass.

I can vividly remember watching Michael Owen score for Liverpool in a Carlsberg top and I can even more vividly remember Liam + Noel Gallagher of Oasis touring the world in their Brother MCFC jerseys. With this obsession in mind, you’ll appreciate the fun I had flipping trough this talkSPORT carousel showing 16/17 Premier League kits emblazoned with classic sponsors for each club.

LFC copyMCFC copyArs copyPalace copy

Big shout to this Crystal Palace top, with TDK on the chest. Great throwback. But leaving out the West Ham Dr. Martens jersey is just blasphemy.

Hope you enjoy the read, the pics and the memories as much as I did.



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