John Guppy

MLS Unveils 2016 Promotional Campaign: “Stand as one”

Ahead of the 2016 season kicking off, MLS has launched its new promotional marketing campaign. “Stand as one” replaces “Unstoppable” across a variety of creative including TV commercials, digital banners, social skins and more.

After reading the detailed AdWeek article about the new campaign, a few things stood out:

  • Embracing Fan Culture. MLS CMO Howard Handler noted that “the campaign hones in on the use of ‘Stand’ as an anchor to frame communications because MLS is pitching fans on a lifestyle and culture as much as a sports experience. We aren’t just selling what happens on the field. The stadium energy and supporter culture is key to what makes us unique.”
  • Mobile is key to MLS fans. 65% of MLS’ paid media impressions in 2015 were served on mobile platforms and the League plans to grow that even further in 2016 with social media coverage, mobile banners, app integrations and more throughout the regular season and around key flashpoints
  • Versatility in Execution. The creative for “Stand as one” is incredibly versatile and allows the league and all 20 clubs to create customized content for fans including social wallpapers and the TV spot, which can be viewed below.

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