Heineken 0.0 & MLS
Mike Koeshartanto

MLS Sponsors Heineken, Wells Fargo Get Creative

Over the past few weeks, two official MLS sponsors have been active in leveraging their partnership with the league to promote products and charitable initiatives. Heineken debuted a “Stadium in a Box” to promote their 0.0 non-alcoholic beverage, while Wells Fargo partnered with Feeding America to provide meals for every assist during the MLS is Back Tournament.

Heineken leverages MLS partnership to promote non-alcoholic beer

Have you been missing out on the stadium atmosphere while sitting at home during the MLS is Back Tournament? Fear not, Heineken has presented fans the opportunity to win a  “Stadium in a Box” experience that features a real stadium seat, a Heineken 0.0-branded beer fridge, and the stadium snacks we all know and love.

Not bad, right? Heineken is bringing the live stadium experience to your living room and we love everything about the initiative. From 2010 to 2015, the market for non-alcoholic beer grew 5 percent per year in Europe, while the market for the overall beer market shrank in the same period. Using their MLS partnership, Heineken is hoping to increase awareness and interest in their 0.0 non-alcoholic beer here in the North American market.

If you’re interested in entering for a chance to win your own seat and beer fridge, visit the program landing page for more details.

Wells Fargo teams with Feeding America to give back during #MLSisBack

From July 8th through August 11th, Wells Fargo partnered with Feeding America to donate the monetary equivalent of 1,000 meals for every player assist during the MLS is Back Tournament.

To help announce the initiative, Wells Fargo leveraged the social platforms of several MLS players, including the Chicago Fire’s Djordge Mihailovic.


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